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Warning: Although AAW has screened these videos for compliance with minimum safety standards, these videos may show practices that will not be safe for you.
AAW cannot determine whether your skills and equipment will allow you to safely do what you see in these videos. You need to determine that yourself.

Author Title Link to Video Date Added Duration Safety Concerns
RenaissanceWW/Shannon Rogers Turning Inlay for a Compact Mirror 01/23/2019 00:16:07  
Timbecon/Andrew Potocnik The One Minute Woodturner: Big Nose Jaws featuring Andrew Potocnik 01/23/2019 00:01:27  
Sam Angelo Turning a Honey Dipper - One sweet project 06/23/2017 00:00:00 Safety approved. Quality approved.
Speros Pascalides/SP Wood Art Spindle Roughing Gouge Wood Turning Basics 12/04/2018 00:12:00  
00:17:07 The Skew Part I, Jim Rodgers 03/21/2019 00:19:42  
Les Casteel Seasonal Turning and Carving - Part 2 09/06/2016 00:32:55  
Michael Gibson Sanding 1: How to decide what grit sandpaper to use on your woodturning 03/21/2019 0:04:03  
Daniel Vilarino Lathe Threaded Glue Block, Basic Tools 01/17/2018 00:00:00 Avoid long sleeves when turning.
Daniel Vilarino Pasta Abrasiva Casera para Torneros de Madera, Formula y Preparación (20:45) 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
John J. Manura Accu-Slice - Segmented End Plate 01/22/2017 00:22:31 Safety approved. Quality approved.
Carl Jacobson Make A Beer Stein! 06/23/2017 00:00:00 Safety approved. Quality approved.
Stephen Ogle Woodturning an Endgrain Walnut Bowl 06/23/2017 00:00:00 safety approved. Never move toolrest while lathe is spinning.
As Wood Turns (Alan Stratton) Walnut Cross Grain Box - An Exercise In Mounting 06/23/2017 00:00:00 Safety approved. Quality approved.
Mike Peace Wood Grain? Who Cares? 03/20/2017 00:00:00 Safety approved. Quality approved.
SJWoodworks Wooden Apples 01/18/2018 00:12:06  
Speros Pascalides/SP Wood Art Wood Turning A Modern Farm House Style Bud Vase 12/04/2018 00:13:43  
Roger Webb Root of All Evil 01/23/2019 00:12:23  
Daniel Vilarino Threaded Box w Epoxy Putty: Preparing the Blanks 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
As Wood Turns (Alan Stratton) A Natural Edge Bud Vase 06/23/2017 00:00:00 Safety approved. Quality approved.
David Bentley The Spindle Roughing Gouge, Jim Rodgers 03/21/2019 00:17:07  
Les Casteel Color Finishing Wood with Dyes 09/06/2016 00:28:45 Quality Note: Can't see slides he refers to.
Yuval Lahav Woodturning 2017 Christmas Ornament Challenge 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
Brian Horais Turning a Half-Twist Bowl 03/21/2019 0:06:53 Note: Cuts at 2:45 are using a roughing gouge, not a bowl gouge as stated
Walter Wager Spindle Turning Thin Spindles - Beads and Coves 06/23/2017 00:00:00 Safety approved. Quality approved.
John Manura Segmented Wood Bowl with 25 One Degree Angled Layers 01/23/2019 00:20:23  
David Bentley Lathe and Chuck Maintenance featuring Jim Rodgers (Lesson 9A and 9B) 03/21/2019 00:29:02  
Daniel Vilarino ESPANOL: Preparación de los tacos de madera con masilla epoxy (Preparing the Bl 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
R. Humphrey Rescued Cedar Firewood 01/23/2019 00:09:59  
Andy Phillip Mallee Burl Offcut Vase 01/23/2019 00:09:40 Lacks narration, which is a drawback
Malcolm Tibbetts Heartbreak at Burning Man 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
Andy Phillip Coloured Pencil Explosion Sphere 01/23/2019 00:07:36 Lacks narration, which is a drawback
Ernie Conover/David Hout/Woodworkers Jou Drying Bowl Blanks in Desiccant 12/04/2018 00:09:23  
Iona Wood Art Burning a Trinket Box 12/10/2018 00:03:42  
John Manura Segmented Wood Egg – 4,500 Wood Segments 01/23/2019 00:21:32  
Frank Howarth Woodturning the Eye 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
Daniel Vilarino ESPANOL: Formateo de la caja y realización de las roscas (Shaping and Thread Cas 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
TEDxSouthLakeTahoe Making a Difference With Art featuring Malcolm Tibbetts 01/29/2019 00:17:15  
Daniel Vilarino ESPANOL: Bloque de Sacrificio con Rosca para Torno, Herramientas Básicas (Lathe 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
Jake Webb Pooh Honey Pot Turning Challenge 06/23/2017 00:00:00 safety approved. Quality approved.
Jerry McMaster Double Axis Square Turned Bowl 09/06/2016 00:34:18  
Larry Randolph (WT of SW Missouri) Turning Peppermills 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
The Apprentice and the Journeyman How to Make Salt and Pepper Mills 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
Michael Roper/Cherry Arts Mobile Art Gal Michael Roper, Artist 03/20/2017 00:00:00 Safety Approved. Quality approved.
Daniel Vilarino Threaded Glue Block Using the Guidance of the Lathe 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
Nick Zammeti Lidded Box: Dried Flowers Mixed with Resin 01/23/2019 00:27:06  
Daniel Vilarino Caja de Arce Rizado con Tirador y Base en Granadillo (42:23) 01/17/2018 00:00:00  
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Dust Collection 06/30/2016 00:06:24  
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Putting Square Tang Tools Into Wood Handles 06/29/2016 00:14:11 Does not move tool rest away when sands using a wood backing block.
Lyle Jamieson Turning the Bottom of a Hollow Form 06/28/2016 00:03:34  
James Wegner Woodturning a Chess Set - The King 01/18/2018 00:25:19 Never move tool rest while lathe is spinning.
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