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Warning: Although AAW has screened these videos for compliance with minimum safety standards, these videos may show practices that will not be safe for you.
AAW cannot determine whether your skills and equipment will allow you to safely do what you see in these videos. You need to determine that yourself.

Author Title Link to Video Date Added Duration Safety Concerns
Jimmy Clewes Turning a Square Oriental Box 03/19/2016 00:40:31 Turns fast at times, but explains the reason, then slows lathe down.
Doug Thompson Sharpening Woodturning Tools 03/19/2016 00:38:37 No shots of his face when sharpening, suggest eye wear.
Wyoming Woodturner - Sam Angelo Wipe-On Oil Finish on a Hollow Form 03/19/2016 00:11:23  
Stuart Batty Quick Tips - Entry Cuts 03/19/2016 00:01:52  
Stuart Batty Sharpening the vortex tool 03/19/2016 00:00:47  
Mike Peace Holding Wood on a Lathe 03/19/2016 01:28:33  
Alan Zenreich Making a "Sticky Stick" Sanding Accessory - AAW Woodturning FUNdamentals 03/19/2016 00:04:27  
Alan Lacer Meet The Skew 03/19/2016 00:06:45  
Glenn Lucas Turning a Wooden Platter 03/19/2016 00:06:00  
Glenn Lucas Turning a Wooden Salad Bowl 03/19/2016 00:07:46 Uses a bandsaw with normal reading glasses
Mike Mahoney Power Sanding 03/19/2016 00:05:44 .
Craft Supplies CA Pen Finish 03/19/2016 00:01:59  
Mark Schofield, Michael Allison A Sunburst Finish for Bowls 03/19/2016 00:04:08  
Adam CA Finish on Pens 03/19/2016 00:10:22 Some unsafe use of cloths while spinning.
John Benton Coloring Wood 03/19/2016 01:07:21  
Ernie Conover Carving Texture & Patterns into Turned Bowls 03/19/2016 00:06:42  
Mike Peace Adding Pizzazz with Texturing Tools 03/19/2016 01:27:14  
Dave Mueller Making a Jerry Bennett Wedgie Sled 03/19/2016 00:21:59  
Scotty Lewis Segmented Bracelet 03/19/2016 00:03:10  
Tim Yoder Staved Vessel Jig 03/19/2016 00:08:18 Hearing protection advised with chop saw.
Craft Supplies Sharpening Basics with Wolverine System 03/19/2016 00:08:46  
Brendan Stemp Negative Rake Scraper 03/20/2016 00:06:47 Eye protection should be worn whenever turning.
Sam Angelo Negative Rake Scraper 03/20/2016 00:12:17  
Mike Waldt Negative Rake Scraper 03/20/2016 00:15:23  
Molly Winton Pyrography for Woodturners 03/25/2016 01:28:10 Use eye protection while burning.
Craft Supplies Woodturning Safety Basics 03/25/2016 00:03:45  
John Lucas Shear Scraping 03/25/2016 00:08:44  
John Lucas Turning a Cove 03/25/2016 00:12:18  
John Lucas Turning Beads 03/25/2016 00:14:58  
Stuart Batty Rough Cutting with a Roughing Gouge - AAW Woodturning FUNdamentals 03/25/2016 00:02:02  
Nick Cook Turning a Garden Dibble - AAW 03/25/2016 00:13:02  
Beth Ireland Turn a Morse Taper - AAW Woodturning FUNdamentals 03/25/2016 00:07:28  
Beth Ireland Using Calipers - AAW Woodturning FUNdamentals 03/25/2016 00:02:58  
Alan Zenreich Using a Drawbar with a Morse Taper Drive - AAW Woodturning FUNdamentals 03/25/2016 00:04:42  
Stuart Batty Seven Fundamentals of Woodturning 03/25/2016 01:33:03  
Dixie Biggs Relief Carving for Woodturners - Part 2 03/25/2016 00:45:32  
Dixie Biggs Relief Carving for Woodturners - Part 1 03/25/2016 00:31:20  
Trent Bosch Carve It up - Platter 04/19/2016 00:36:13 Recommend full face shield for larger pieces.
Lyle Jamieson Preparing a Glue Block 04/19/2016 00:05:45 CA glue for a glue block is very brittle and not recommended.
Lyle Jamieson Limitations of Chucks for Woodturning 04/19/2016 00:05:55  
Lyle Jamieson Design Considerations for a Natural Edge Bowl 04/19/2016 00:06:29  
As Wood Turns (Alan Stratton) Easy Wood Faceplates for Woodturning 04/19/2016 00:08:58  
David Marks Wall Sculpture Turning - Part 2 04/19/2016 00:05:53  
David Marks Wall Sculpture turning - Part 1 04/19/2016 00:08:41  
Ernie Conover Scraper Basics: Perfectly flat surfaces 04/19/2016 00:02:05  
Nick Cook Turning a Snowman 04/19/2016 00:04:37 Disclaimer about touching a spinning piece.
Ernie Conover Turning Tops & Yo-Yos 04/19/2016 00:05:35 Need better eye protection.
Brendan Stemp No Catch Bowl Turning 04/19/2016 00:20:54  
John Lucas Roughing Gouge Alternative 04/19/2016 00:11:03 Avoid finger between piece and rest.
Doug Bowling Off Center Lattice Top Box 04/19/2016 00:24:59  
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