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Warning: Although AAW has screened these videos for compliance with minimum safety standards, these videos may show practices that will not be safe for you.
AAW cannot determine whether your skills and equipment will allow you to safely do what you see in these videos. You need to determine that yourself.

Author Title Link to Video Date Added Duration Safety Concerns
Mark Schofield A Sunburst Finish for Bowls 03/19/2016 00:04:08  
John J. Manura Accu-Slice - Cut Thin Wood Slices with a Bandsaw 01/22/2017 00:09:45  
John J. Manura Accu-Slice - Segmented End Plate 01/22/2017 00:22:31  
Mike Peace Adding Pizzazz with Texturing Tools 03/19/2016 01:27:14  
Lyle Jamieson Always Wear a Face Shield 06/28/2016 00:00:58  
Mike Waldt An Emerging Bowl 10/07/2016 00:16:09  
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Bandsaws & Bowl Blank Preparation 06/30/2016 00:18:20  
Harvey Meyer Basket Illusion Platter - Part 1 08/19/2016 00:42:48 Always wear full face shield when turning these pieces.
Harvey Meyer Basket Illusion Platter - Part 2 08/19/2016 00:44:52  
Rick Morris Bell Christmas Ornament 10/07/2016 00:13:29 Should not move tool rest while lathe is spinning.
Lyle Jamieson Bevel Support Inside a Natural Edge Bowl 06/29/2016 00:08:35  
Sam Angelo Birdhouse Ornament 10/07/2016 00:17:55  
Tom Lohman Black & White - Bowl From A Board 05/14/2016 00:25:08 Recommend full face shield for turning processes.
Arkansas Woodturner Boogie Bowl 12/04/2016 41:58:00  
Lyle Jamieson Boring Bar Reach Capabilities 06/29/2016 00:07:33 Adjusts tool with piece still spinning.
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Bowl Cracks & Defects 06/30/2016 00:04:08  
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Bowl Design Considerations 06/30/2016 00:09:09  
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Bowl Drying Methods 06/30/2016 00:03:52  
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Bowl From a Cube Turned on a Bias 06/30/2016 00:24:53 Be sure to wear a full faceshield while turning bowls.
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Bowl Sanding 06/30/2016 00:27:54 Recommend dust mask in addition to dust extraction.
Reed Gray (Robo Hippy) Bowl Sanding Hood 06/30/2016 00:03:12  
Jim Overton Bowl with a Milliput Epoxy Putty Inlay 04/23/2016 00:19:05  
Jim Overton Bowl with a Milliput Epoxy Putty Inlay - Part 1 04/23/2016 00:21:08  
Lyle Jamieson Buffing Turned Vessels 06/28/2016 00:05:38  
Adam CA Finish on Pens 03/19/2016 00:10:22 Some unsafe use of cloths while spinning.
Craft Supplies CA Pen Finish 03/19/2016 00:01:59  
Trent Bosch Carve It up - Platter 04/19/2016 00:36:13 Recommend full face shield for larger pieces.
Al Stirt Carved Square Platters 04/19/2016 01:30:19 Warning to be careful of square corners.
Ernie Conover Carving Texture & Patterns into Turned Bowls 03/19/2016 00:06:42  
Dave Bell Casting Alumilite 05/11/2016 01:02:06 Eye/face protection for all processes and gloves for chemicals.
Zac Higgins Casting Alumilite in PVC Molds 05/11/2016 00:16:31  
Curtis Seebeck Casting Pen Blanks With Alumilite 05/11/2016 00:14:41 Eye/face protection for all processes and gloves for chemicals.
Jake Webb Celtic Knot Pen 12/01/2016 21:26:00  
Lyle Jamieson Chainsaw Use for Woodturning 06/28/2016 00:06:47 May want a more secure method of holding wood while cutting.
AnkleBiter Woodworks Cherry and Coffee 12/12/2016 15:48:00  
Paul Lockwood Christmas Deer 12/10/2016 13:39:00  
Jim Cutler Christmas Ornament 10/07/2016 00:06:39 Forstner bit and parting tool would benefit from sharpening.
Ian Parish Cleaning Lathe Ways with Rust Remover 08/24/2016 00:09:15 Always wear safety gloves working with caustic solutions.
Lyle Jamieson Cleaning Tool Marks Inside a Hollow Form 06/28/2016 00:09:22  
Les Casteel Color Finishing Wood with Dyes 09/06/2016 00:28:45 Quality Note: Can't see slides he refers to.
John Benton Coloring Wood 03/19/2016 01:07:21  
Sam Angelo Completing A Rough Turned Hollow Form - Part 1 09/27/2016 00:30:15  
Lyle Jamieson Considerations for a Natural Edge Bowl 04/19/2016 00:06:29  
Bob Bezanson Creating a Custom Sanding Disk Holder 04/19/2016 00:14:14  
Stuart Batty Cutting Into End Grain 05/11/2016 00:06:38 Recommend full face shield for larger pieces.
Stuart Batty Defects - Part 1 04/23/2016 00:17:43  
Stuart Batty Defects - Part 2 04/23/2016 00:20:29 Recommend full face shield for larger pieces.
Lyle Jamieson Design Considerations for a Natural Edge Bowl 06/28/2016 00:06:29  
Dennis Edwards Dizzy Bowl 05/14/2016 00:28:00  
Steven Mellott Dizzy Bowl Jr. 05/14/2016 01:21:23  
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